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What should be done in case of a lockout? Questions like this and more are answered below.

Do I have to buy a new lock if someone stole my keys?

There is no need for a new lock as our locksmiths can rekey it. This means that all of your tumblers will be replaced by a new one and your old keys can no longer be used to open your locks.

Why does the duplicate key from the hardware store not work?

Customers must remember that hardware stores do not have the same quality machine as companies that specialize in key duplicating as it is not their main service. A good quality key can be duplicated at least seven times before a quality machine rejects it and produces a bad copy. A poor quality machine can only duplicate thrice.

Can your company cut spare keys?

Yes. As highly qualified local locksmiths, our technicians have the expertise and the proper machines to cut your spare keys expertly. Whether you come by our office or our locksmith van comes directly to your home or car, we always guarantee you 100% satisfaction with every spare key we make.

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