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Convenience seems to be more and more appealing to most consumers now-a-days. More and more of our customers are requesting the latest and most up-to-date technology available. They don’t seem to mind the price tag as long as it provides them with the level of security that makes them feel comfortable. You may find some of the latest lock technology as interesting as we do.

Two Popular Electronic Locks

The fingerprint lock also known as the Biometric security system uses fingerprints to identify whoever is trying to gain access. Instead of a physical key, you are able to use your unique fingerprint to open a door. The lock is disengaged once it recognizes the fingerprint, which has been scanned and saved. This type of lock offers high security as it is difficult to infiltrate the code, since fingerprints are unique and cannot be duplicated. Another popular option is the push-button lock. This is electronic lock has a specific code programmed in the lock. Once the code is entered into the key-pad it sends an electronic signal to the lock which enables the lock to open. Some of these types of locks are used with internal motors and some use magnets to engage the locking feature. The push-button lock is popular because they are easy to reprogram. If there is someone who has the code, you should immediately change it so that so the access to the area remains secure.

Making an Informed Decision

Don’t just purchase a lock mechanism because you’ve seen someone else with it. Make sure you know about the features of each option you are exploring. There are sure to be pros and cons to each type. The pros should outweigh the cons, when you want value for your money. With so many recent advances in lock and key technology, you are certain to find something that will suit your needs and the needs of your household. If you’re attempting to gain a more convenient way to access your home or office, let us discuss the electronic options you have to select from.

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